Hello, I'm Alicia.

I'm interested making things make sense for users. I like problem solving, clean design, organizing information, and reducing fractions. Right now, I'm working on projects at TIFF.

This site is a short summary of the things I’ve learned about user experience design. If you'd like to chat, please drop me a line.

Do a lot of research.

Define the project

What is the message we’re trying to convey? What are the feelings we want to invoke in users? It’s an important first step to working towards a digital experience that is meaningful, beautiful and makes sense for the audience.

Learn about the audience

What are they interested in? What do they do for a living? How old are they? What do they like to do? How do they want to interact with us? Creating user personas and placing myself in their shoes is the way to test my theories and assumptions.

Start from the bottom.

I’m looking to find out where we are so we can grow from there. What’s working? What’s not working? How do stakeholders, whether they be internal or external, feel about the product? Conducting surveys with very focused questions that elicit honest answers is a helpful way to determine successes and failures. Analyzing user behavior through analytics, in-person observation, anecdotes and trends is important.

Read between the lines.

What does all this data mean? What are users really trying to tell us with how they behave or convey their feelings about a product? Taking a step back and finding the common threads or trends in the feedback is key. How can I apply what we’ve learned from our users and stakeholders into a functional product that isn’t overwhelming? Analyzing this info effectively can greatly impact the design of a product.

Create a detailed plan.

Lay it all out.

We know the message. We know the user. We know our product. How can I begin to structure the information in a way that is clear, concise and makes the most sense? Take stock of everything we want to say and all the features we want to include. Being able to see the bird's eye view of everything that is possible helps to narrow our focus and scope to what is the most clear, what makes the most sense, and what will delight our users.

Find focus.

Anything is possible. And sometimes that can be overwhelming, not only for me as a designer, but for our users; I know I can’t give them everything or I end up giving them nothing.

What’s the most important information? What are the most important actions our users can take? What will deter our users from interacting with us? I can use both our quantitative and qualitative research to help make these decisions (as well as a bit of common sense)

Put the puzzle pieces together.

This is the fun part. Creating wireframes that take into account user behavior and feedback is where I get to see what works and doesn’t work. Having colleagues and users poke holes in my theories and ideas is the only way to improve the flow.

Make it pretty.

Here’s where things start to come to life. Live functionality, design, and branding is where things start to become more accessible. Click-through prototypes and mockups is where people can really start to interact with all the work that’s been done so far.

Change is good.

To me, being open to feedback and changing based on what I learn is what is very important. Design is the stage where stakeholders start to really engage and understand the product. It’s where we can finesse and polish.

Design is the roadmap.

Having worked on both the design and development side of projects, I can’t express how much a clear design and prototype plan makes a difference in the development process. Developers make things real, but they aren’t psychic (although they sometimes seem to be). Making my designs make sense for the execution stage is so vital to seeing all this hard work come to life. Understanding what goes into making things work structurally, and how all the pieces come together makes has helped me create the most legible roadmap possible.

This moment

For the past three years (or Festivals) I've been working on a multitude of great projects at TIFF. Most notably, I've been working with a small team on the restructure, reorganization and redesign of TIFF.net from the research phase to development and launch.

I've also been working on many other projects at TIFF including planning and implementing our newsletter strategy and redesign, planning and implementation of microsites for our different festivals and projects, and many more ongoing digital projects.

For more info on projects I'm working on, please reach out.

Kind Words

"The thing that impressed me the most about Alicia was her thoroughness. She was always one step ahead, anticipating our questions and making things easy for us."
"Our new website is easy to navigate providing significant information without being cluttered or confusing. The new website and redesigned forms give our company a cohesive, professional appearance.

We found Alicia to be very helpful as we worked to create a new look. She understood what we were trying to do and made many good suggestions. Designing a website requires a lot of back and forth communication. We always found Alicia to be very responsive to our needs..."
“Alicia was a joy to work with on my law firm website. She was always open to my suggestions about improvements and was prompt with revisions. The end result was a website that exceeded my expectations – beautiful, functional and very affordable. I cannot recommend Alicia’s web design services enough.”
“The design was crisp and clean and she allowed me to provide her with as much information as I wanted to to make it my own. She’s highly creative and an expert at what she does."
“Alicia is a creative and talented individual we had the pleasure of working along side with for several months. Her creativity is only matched by her ability to understand what we were looking for and making it come to life... She is a wonderful individual; creative, professional and respectful, that is ready, willing and capable...”

Get in touch

Now that you know a bit more about me, send me an email to continue the conversation. I'd love to hear from you.